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Strategy Guide Content

As your Strategy Guys, we generate the tools your fan community needs to get the fullest measure of enjoyment from your game:


  • In-depth coverage of all game systems

  • Proven combat tips and tactics, scaled to difficulty levels

  • Comprehensive mission walkthroughs

  • Detailed maps and other navigational aids that include all item and collectible locations

  • Critical stats and specs, all perfectly organized and easy to access

  • Bonus background and behind-the-scenes material

We're proud of our reputation as the best writing team in strategy guide publishing. We’ve worked onsite at nearly every major developer in the industry, including Naughty Dog, Rockstar, Ubisoft, Blizzard, BioWare, 2K, Square Enix, Nintendo, Microsoft Studios, and Sony’s Santa Monica Studio.

Strategy Guide Content

Lore Book 


Videogame publishers are focusing more and more on servicing their fan communities after games are released. One great way is to publish content that expands the in-world “lore” of your game — the official canon, in-world history, deep character background, and other assorted backstories that enhance and expand the game’s universe. 


Here at Strategy Guys, we’ve created lore book content for publishers like Simon & Schuster, Scholastic, Dark Horse Books, and Insight Editions. Samples of our work include the following titles:


  • God of War: Lore and Legends (Sony / Dark Horse)

  • Watch Dogs Legion: Resistance Report (Ubisoft / Insight)

  • StarCraft II Field Manual (Blizzard / Insight)

  • Assassin’s Creed: A Walk Through History, 1189-1868 (Ubisoft / Scholastic)

  • The World of Tom Clancy’s The Division (Ubisoft / Dark Horse)

  • Pokémon: Sinnoh Region Field Guide (Nintendo / Prima Games

We’re also currently working with Dark Horse Books on two upcoming lore books for major franchises.

Lore Book  Content



Today’s videogames feature a rich panoply of character and story elements. Many of these elements are so compelling that fan bases beg for further exploration and expansion. 


The Strategy Guys team has partnered with publishers like Simon & Schuster and Insight Editions to create new stories based on major game and movie franchises such as XCOM, God of War, and Star Trek. Think of it as fan fiction, done professionally.


Samples of our franchise-related fiction include the following novels:


  • XCOM 2: Escalation (2K Games / Insight Editions)

  • Starfleet Academy: The Delta Anomaly (Paramount Pictures / Simon Spotlight)

  • Starfleet Academy: The Gemini Agent (Paramount Pictures / Simon Spotlight)


We also have a project on deck with Sony and Insight Editions — a novel based on characters introduced in an award-winning game franchise.

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