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With a combined publication vault of more than 230 official titles,

Strategy Guys authors Rick Barba and Tim Bogenn have produced bestselling strategy guides for many of the biggest games in video game history, including: 


Grand Theft Auto III, San Andreas, IV and V ... Assassin's Creed Syndicate, Origins and Odyssey ... God of War (2018) ... Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End ... Diablo III ... Red Dead Redemption ... StarCraft II ... Max Payne 2 and 3 ... Final Fantasy XII ... and many, many others, including classics such as Myst, Riven, Doom, Homeworld, Jedi Knight and The Sims.

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Grand Theft Auto V

Signature Series Strategy Guide

Authors: Rick Barba & Tim Bogenn

November 18, 2014

Christopher Firman Amazon Review: If you are a game completionist that wants to get a 100% completion for GTA V, then this guide will be an invaluable asset for you! With so many hidden items, locations, and pick-ups in this game, you'd be very hard pressed to find them all without some guidance, and this book has mapped locations for everything you will go looking for!

Our Team

We're all one big happy family, eager and excited to work with you.

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Rick Barba

Rick is the grey wizard of video game strategy. If you don't believe us, check out his publication list ... a vault of treasures that goes back to Myst, The Sims, and Doom (yes, the original Doom). Plus you'll find some cool Star Trek novels, game lore books, and other fun stuff.

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Tim Bogenn

Tim followed Rick around like Samwise to Frodo and eventually wrote a few guides of his own. Tim is also very competitive and only wrote this sentence so this paragraph would be just as big, if not bigger than Rick's paragraph over there. Check out Tim's vault to discover what he's been up to.


Our Staff

If it wasn't for our crew, we would be nowhere. And where exactly are we? I'm going to have to delegate that question over to our crew.

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